Thursday, December 1, 2011

How did you become a bamboo fly rod maker?

That  is the most common question asked at our shop. 
Our answer is a bit convoluted but basically it's a hobby gone wild.  So, I started to think about our Oyster clients and their are a few of my favorites...

How did you become…

…a General in the Air Force?
A:  When I showed up at the recruiting office, it was the shortest line to stand in.

…an attorney?
A:  Really Shannen?!?!?…for the money.

… a sniper?
A:  Snipers had the best parking spots on the base and I was sick of walking.

.…a vet?
A:  I like animals a lot more than people.

 …a neurologist?
A:  My mother made me do it.   

 …an Orchid thief?
A:  Strange things happen when you are in South America for too long.

 …a pilot?
A:  Besides standing in a river trying to understand how a trout thinks, flying is the experience of a lifetime.

 …a snow maker?
A:  It pays more than ski patrol.

a banker?
A:  It seemed like a good idea at the time.

a horse track designer?
A:  Naturally, because I am from Kentucky. 

a knife maker?
A:  It’s a familybusiness (Jason Randall). 

…a sculptor?
A:  The models…  

There's more but I'll save it for later...the fact of the matter is that pepole are so much more than "what they do for a living" .  What we do with our lives before and after simple acts of self presevation defines us more than anything else.

Another hard day at the falling at NCF...thanks Kristy!