Monday, September 17, 2012

10 reasons why I love my shotgun more than a diamond.

 While diamonds are presumably a girl's best friend...

my shotgun has become my BFF.


This blog needs no introduction.

10. Even if I gain 10 pounds, my shotgun still still fits!
9.   A diamond does nothing but just sit there and I swear my shotgun loves me does.
8.   Having my shotgun "sized and fit" included a full round of sporting clays!
7.   I don't have to wait for a proposal or some special occasion to buy a new shotgun.
6.  You don't have to "take off your nice shotgun" when visiting a questionable area.
5.  It's much more fun to "dust clays" than simply "cut glass".
4.  My husband can engrave my shotgun.
3.  The beauty of a shotgun stock and receiver  is only limited by our imagination.
2.  My shotgun goes "BANG"!
1.   Regardless of the price or size of your shotgun, skill is the great equalizer.